Flylink-Solo Travel

Solo traveling refers to traveling alone, without any companion. This is best way to explore the world from purely your own perspective. Solo traveling has its own charm and thrill. Whether you want to travel within US in domestic sector or to a foreign land, you can get the best solo travel deals from us. Besides offering cheap solo flights, we can also suggest the safest solo traveling destinations. If you have already made up your mind on the destination, we can make flight reservations for you at lowest airfares.

Why travel solo?

Traveling solo is an exploratory experience. It is as much an experience in self-management as it is about experiencing different lands and cultures. The air of freedom it brings to travel experience is like none other. You are the only person who decides where to go and when, what to do, what to eat and drink, where to stay and all decisions are not influenced by likes and dislikes of others. When traveling solo, you are completely on your own and this fills you with renewed self-confidence and sense of achievement after a good journey.

Another good reason for traveling solo is the consideration for expenses. It is definitely cheaper to travel single than traveling with some companion or in a group. We ensure that the solo flight reservations are done at lowest prices, thereby helping you save money.

Who travels solo?

Generally and mostly, people in the active age group of 20 to 45 years travel single. These could be students, business travelers, unaccompanied minors or even leisure travelers.
Students are full of adventurous and learning zeal, and this is a prime motive for taking solo flights to different lands. Education could also be a reason for flying solo.
Business travelers, whether owning their own business or working for an organizations, might have to travel solo for their business motives. We can offer solo travel deals that brings down overall travel expense for such flyers.

Airlines provide the facility to carry solo minors of certain age group after completing certain documentation requirements. 
People travel solo even for leisurely motives. Whether for being on a beach on a sunny day, touring an isolated island, learning yoga, visiting a religious place, shopping, sightseeing, or any other, people fly solo.

Where do people visit solo?

People can fly solo to any destination in the world. Some of the countries where they go most often on international solo travel from United States are Mexico, Canada, Caribbean Islands, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, UAE, Israel, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Philippines.
If you have to buy solo air tickets at best prices, do call our phone agents for best airfares. The agents have exclusive unpublished fares which can be bought only on phone.