Flylink-Military Travel

United States is the most powerful nation on Earth militarily. The US military personnel require to fly on domestic and international destinations for performance of their duties. They seek special discounted military fares or attractive deals. We provide special military flight deals which can fulfil their need for cheap military flights. All US airlines, such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Jetblue Airlines, Southwest Airlines and others offer cheap military air ticket reservations.

Who can avail of military flight reservations?

All US military personnel on active duty can avail of these special fare and other privileges from the registered scheduled airline companies of USA, as per their policies. These personnel include members of Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guards and others.
It shall be noted that cheap military fares are available only for those personnel who are flying on active duty. These are not available to dependents.

What ID Proof is Required From Military Personnel?

In order to avail all benefits provided by airline companies to the military personnel, there is a need to provide the Military ID card which establishes your identity. This is to be provided at the time of booking military flights, either online or on phone. This is also required at the time of check-in at the airport. Therefore, you need to carry it in original to the airport. If there is any confusion about the ID proof or you need more clarity, feel free to call our phone agent at number given above.

Group Military Travel

If it is a group ticket booking for military men or women, we can offer further discounts on group travel as well. Do call our agent for best fares and reservations.

Extra Baggage for Military Travel

All airlines offer more check in baggage allowances to members of the armed forces. Normally, the check in baggage is not a free allowance on most of the airline barring a few. However, in a special consideration for the military travel purposes, the airlines not only offer free check in baggage allowance but offer more than these offer to the general public.
Carriage of free baggage depends on which cabin class ticket has been booked and route of flight of the carrier. Offering additional free check-in luggage allowance also works to provide discounted military flights.

Popular Military Flight Destinations

Some of popular domestic destinations of US military are its most important bases. Pensacola in Florida, Washington, Anchorage in Alaska, San Diego in California, Honolulu in Hawaii, etc are some examples of its popular military flight destinations.