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Ethiopian Airline Airlines Flights

All About Ethiopian Airlines

Founded in1946, Ethiopian Airlines has grown to become a leading carrier on the continent and is famed for its operational success, doubling profits and efficiency. Apart from being considered Ethiopia’s major industry, it is Africa’s veritable institution and derives a lion share in the Pan African Network.
The airline works with a leading aviation academy in all of Africa which is the Ethiopian Aviation Academy and has produced excellent professionals to serve the aviation industry. It operates young and new fleets and is owned fully by the Ethiopian government. View more on Ethiopian Airlines,

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While onboard, passengers get all kinds of entertainment which includes magazines and newspapers. There is also plenty of food and beverages for all passengers although the class determines what will be served to you as well as the magazines and newspapers you will get to read. You will also get to enjoy a variety of movies which vary from action, comedy and drama as well as suspense. The films shown will definitely fascinate you and so will the large variety of music and audio programs well selected to suit any kind of passenger. Use our flight search panel to find your cheap Ethiopian Airlines ticket.


The airline has Cloud Nine Class which includes the first class, Business and Economy classes. Every class attracts provides different services and offers. Passengers flying first class are offered amenities such as toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, lip balm, shaving kit, eye shade and other amenities for them and their children as well.


The airline has very good lounges for its passengers at the various airports of operation. There is a lot to do at the lounges as you wait for your flight although you can just choose to relax and prepare for your flight. Among the things you will find at the airport are duty free shops, internet cafes, restaurants and even book shops where you can get anything you want. The lounges also have praying areas for all Muslim passengers and quiet rooms for those who need some time alone.

Check-In & Baggage

There are check-in counters at the airports where the airline operates and they are open until one hour to departure. To make your process faster and convenient, have all your documents in hand and make sure they are in order. Cloud Nine passengers as well as those holding memberships to various frequent flyer programs have separate check-in counters.
Just like every other airline, Ethiopian Airlines has baggage limits that must be followed. The different classes have different allowances for baggage and it is important to adhere to the rules to avoid situations where you have to leave behind some of your baggage or be charged an extra amount for it.

Destinations Offered

Ethiopian Airline flies to various destinations across Africa, the U.S, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and of course throughout Ethiopia. With the continued developments in its fleet, it plans to expand its operations by opening up new routes to other parts of the world.

The Ethiopian Fleet

Today, the Ethiopian Airline fleet consists of a total of 48 aircraft most of which are models of the famous brand Boeing, among other brands. It also has several jets in its possession making flying amazingly comfortable and fast. The airline is looking to expand its fleet and for this reason it has ordered several new aircraft to add to its already good number.

Among the very best in the fleet are the Boeing 757, 767 and the 737 jets. With this range of aircraft, the airline has managed to commute thousands of passengers and cargo at the same time and is yet to expand.

Frequent Flyers

ShebaMiles is a frequent flyer program offered by the airline to its loyal customers and provides many good rewards for them. The miles accumulate each time you travel and you can redeem them to enjoy all the benefits they bring.