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Cheap Flights to Anadyr

Anadyr is a small, idyllic fishing town in Russia. The town is the capital of the state of Chukotka. Anadyr is one of the most offbeat places you can travel to in the world. The town is the easternmost town in the country. The moment you set foot in the town, you are transported through time to old-world Russia. The Chukotka region has had very little contact with the outside world. This colorful town is also known as the Summer City of Russia. Though reaching here is not the easiest thing in the world, once you do make it to the town, you’ll get a Russian experience that no other city in the country would be able to give you.

In order to reach Anadyr, you take a flight to Moscow and from there, take a small jet or helicopter to the town. This is the most convenient way to reach Anadyr. Many online portals exist that can help you out with finding the cheapest flights to reach Anadyr.

When To Visit

As Anadyr lies in the Tundra region, the town experiences winters which are really cold and last for really long. Trying to reach Anadyr during winter is a fool’s errand. The months of May, June, July, August and September are when Anadyr sees positive temperatures. That said, summers are really short in this part of the world and the best window to visit the town is usually around July.

Getting Around

The town of Anadyr is relatively quite small, and you can cover all of it very comfortably on foot. You can take a ferry ride in the creek to observe the town from amongst the waters too. In winters, the locals navigate around the area using do sleds.

Tourist AttractionsWalking Around Anadyr

Walking around the small town of Anadyr is a delight and a major tourist activity in itself. Unlike other communist towns from around the country, Anadyr is very colorful. The buildings in the town are multicolored and make the town look like a rainbow. While walking around the town and enjoying the colors and sights, you’ll also see massive art on the walls at the end of streets.

This painted art is representative of the people of Anadyr, their style of living and their occupations.

As you walk around the town, towards the Gulf, you’ll also see whales and seals in the water. These, in the backdrop of the rusted barges in the water, offer unimaginable and majestic sights.

Monument Of Writer Yuri Rytkheu

There are many military monuments in Anadyr, like in the rest of the country, honoring Russia’s past. What stands apart from all of these in Anadyr is the monument dedicated to the local writer, Yuri Rytkheu. Yuri Rytkheu was a famous Russian writer who hailed from this region of the country. In addition to the color, this monument is another thing that set Anadyr apart from the rest of Russia.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is a church that was built in 2005. The church sits atop a small hill and overlooks the Gulf. The interesting bit about this church is that it is completely constructed out of wood. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the largest wooden churches in the world. And it is wooden not just on the outside, but on the inside too. The entire interior of this magnificent church has been constructed with just wood. You should also visit the monument of St. Nicholas nearby.

Chukotka Okrug Museum

You have to visit the Chukotka Okrug Museum is you are traveling to Anadyr. This is a stunning museum which documents the history of the area and the lives of the people living there. The local’s clothes, occupations, tools, food and everything else related to their unique way of life are displayed here to give visitors a deeper insight into the culture of the area.

Anadyr is a hidden gem that more people should visit. Ensure that you book your tickets in advance to avail the lowest fares.

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