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Cheap Flights to Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital of Bali in Indonesia. The state is a major tourist destination and is renowned for its beaches, culture, architecture, museums, palaces and shopping avenues. Denpasar is located in southern Bali and is considered the main gateway to the area.

Reaching Denpasar by air is the most convenient. Online portals can help you find the cheapest flights to the city.

When To Visit

Denpasar is located below the equator and because of that, experiences little or no changes in temperature across the year. That said, the city does experience extremely wet weather from November to April. Hence, May to October is a better time to visit Denpasar.

Getting Around

Denpasar doesn’t have a public transit system. That said, the city is pretty accessible and worth exploring on foot. There are few other modes of transport available in the city too.


Taxis are widely available and a convenient way to move around the city. There are no set fares, and you need to negotiate how much you’ll pay before getting in.


Bemos are small vans and are a common sight in Denpasar. They make moving around very convenient for groups of people. Just like taxis, pricing should be negotiated before getting into a bemo.


If it’s just you and someone else, motorbikes are the best way to navigate Denpasar. You can rent a motorbike from many outlets in the city.

Tourist AttractionsBajra Sandhi Monument

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is the most famous landmark in Denpasar. The monument is located inside the Lapangan Puputan Margarana, a famous park in the city. The Bajra Sandhi Monument signifies the independence day of Bali and the struggle that went towards achieving that independence in 1945.

Alun-Alun Puputan

Located in the exact center of Denpasar, the Alun-Alun Puputan Square is a major navigational and architectural landmark in the city. The architecture inside the square is dedicated to Lord Brahma and represents the guardians of the city.

Bali Museum

Bali Museum is the biggest museum in the area. The museum houses exhibits which cover every single aspect of Balinese culture and history. The buildings of the museum, themselves, are great examples of traditional Balinese architecture. This is a place that you should spend at least half a day learning about the history and traditions of the area.

Palace Of Satria

The Palace Of Satria is the home of the royal family of Denpasar. The palace and the royal temples on its grounds are shining examples of Balinese architecture and feature many intricate carvings all around. The palace and temples are open for tours and visits for everyone, and their beauty has been preserved quite admirably.

Pura Maospahit

The Pura Maospahit or Maospahit Temple is one of the oldest in Bali. The temple is a great example of 14th-century Balinese architecture and was constructed in its entirety with red bricks. A lot of the temple got destroyed in an earthquake in the early nineteen hundreds, but there are still many parts of it amongst the ruins which have been well preserved.

Taman Wedhi Budaya Cultural Center

Taman Wedhi Budaya Cultural Center is dedicated to preserving the history and soul of traditional Balinese art. The center houses many pieces of art and culture from Bali’s history and is a great place to visit and learn more about the area’s culture. The place also hosts traditional Balinese music concerts which are a great experience worth having.

Taman Budaya

The Taman Budaya is an entire complex filled to the bring with Bali’s history, art, culture, and traditions. The architecture of the building is quintessentially Balinese. The many exhibits and shows the art complex hosts give you insights into the inner workings of the area.

Denpasar is a great place to start you Bali adventure from. Make sure that you book your flight tickets to Denpasar in advance so that you don’t miss out on the lowest airline fares.

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