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Cheap Flights to Adiyaman

Adiyaman is a small city in Turkey. It is the capital of the Adiyaman province in the southeastern portion of the country. Adiyaman has a unique and historical significance in the story of not just Turkey but also that of humankind. This area of the world has been actively inhabited for as long as we can tell. Archeologists have traced signs of inhabitation in this area to as far back as the Stone Ages. Today, Adiyaman is one of the fastest growing cities in Turkey. That said, the city still retains its old-world Turkish charm, and it is not uncommon to see people riding donkeys on the street.

You can take flights to reach Adiyaman from Istanbul, and it is really convenient. Many online portals can help you determine the lowest airline fares to reach the city.

When To Visit

Adiyaman, like the rest of the country, experiences a typical continental climate. The summers here are really hot and dry, and the winters are quite cold.

The best windows to visit the area are March-April and October-November. These are the months when temperatures in this region are at their most pleasant.

Getting Around

Adiyaman is a relatively small city. Your feet are good enough to carry you through most of the places in the city. That said, if you need alternative means of transport, Adiyaman has many buses and mini buses. You’ll need to use these to travel to the most famous sights of the region, in any case.

Tourist AttractionsMount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is the most iconic and the most famous landmark in this part of the world. Located on top a hill, Mount Nemrut lies 90 kilometers away from Adiyaman. As you reach the top of Mount Nemrut, the reasons for its fame become evident. The entire top of the monument is a monument dedicated to one of the first kings of the are, King Antiochus, and the Gods. In addition to the tomb of the king, the sides of the structure are adorned with massive busts of the ancient Gods. This whole arrangement is a majestic sight to behold.

Center Koprusu

The Center Koprusu, also called Severan Bridge, is an ancient Roman bridge located near the city. The bridge has been preserved very well and is a great sight.

Adiyaman Archaeological Museum

Adiyaman has a history and culture as old as the human race. You can learn all about it through the ages at the Adiyaman Archaeological Museum. Spending a few hours at the museum is a fascinating experience and shouldn’t be missed.

Ruins Of Perre

Arguably the second most famous part of Adiyaman, the ruins of Perre are a very important archaeological landmark. These include an entire ancient city and their burial site. They are of immense historical importance and a sight definitely worth visiting.


The ruins of Artemia are another historical site worth visiting in Adiyaman. These ruins are located 25 kilometers away from Adiyaman and house the summer residence of one of the first kings of the region. You can walk through the ruins and discover many idols, caves, tunnels, etc. here.

Fortress Of Adiyaman

The Fortress Of Adiyaman is a majestic construct which stands guard in the middle of the city. The fort was built on an artificial hill in the center of the city and is a sight to behold. The fort has been converted into a park now and is worth a visit for exploring it and enjoying the views of the city that it offers.

Oturakci Carsisi

The Oturakci Carsisi is the local market of Adiyaman. A visit you will treat your eyes to an explosion of colors. You can explore the market and buy many kinds of souvenirs, handicrafts and other locally made goods here.

Adiyaman and its Turkish charm are definitely worth visiting and spending time at. Make sure that you book your flight tickets in advance so that you book the cheapest flights to the city.

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