Flylink-Senior Travel

Senior citizens, after retiring from active work life, like to go for leisurely travel for seeing different lands and experiencing various cultures. They also travel for reason of spending quality time with family members living at other places. Whatever be the motive for traveling, there might be a need to book a flight. If you are a senior having a plan to fly in near future, then you shall know senior citizens can get special airfares by booking with us. Our discounted senior citizen flights enable you to save good money. We offer best negotiated fares for providing cheap senior citizen flights.

You are welcome to call us for discussing your travel plan so that we can offer the best flight choices for your precise needs. Whether traveling solo, with a companion or in a group, within or outside USA, we can guide you on airline options, cabin classes, in-flight experience, baggage, check-in, documents needed and all other matters related to air tickets and airlines.

Besides providing senior citizens air ticket reservations at lowest airfares, we also understand that senior citizens might need special attention during travel. If you have any medical condition, such as visual or hearing impairment, problems in mobility, or use any aids, we can help in informing you about the airline policies in this respect. We will communicate this special requirement to the airline to ensure that do not face any hassle. We also inform you about the proper documentation required by the airline.

At the same time, we also seek suitable arrangements at airports and in flight by coordinating with the airlines.  All this to ensure that you are all at ease and have a happy journey.

Ask Us for Special Fares

It shall be noted that senior citizen flight discounts are not available on regular basis. It is also a fact that not all airlines offer cheap flight tickets for senior citizens at a given time. You shall check for the latest air ticket offers for seniors with us at the time of doing flight reservations and shall ask our phone agent for unpublished fares which are heavily discounted.