Flylink-Student Travel

Airlines seek to attract students for air travel. For most of you who have taken a flight for first time, it might be when you were a student. Airlines are also aware of this fact that students want to travel to another country for education purposes. There is clear identification of these markets. In order to leverage these opportunities for furthering the sale of air tickets, airlines offer various incentives and discounts. If you are a student looking to study abroad, do call us to check which airlines are offering student flight deals. We keep a track of US and foreign carriers that provide discounted student flights from time to time.

Student Group Flight Reservations

If your school or college is planning an education tour anywhere in US or in another country, we can provide the best group discount flights for students. For this, you need to call our phone agent for group flight discounts.

We can offer cheap student flights on one-way, return or multi-city journeys, whatever way you are planning the itinerary. We can suggest the best flight options for student travel to any destination from a plethora of flight choices.

Identification Proof

In order to avail special air ticket fares for student travel, you need to prove that you are an eligible student for the same and make the booking in a particular way. For this, you need to be aware of the airline terms and conditions for these tickets. We can help you in this respect.
Most often it is required to produce a valid student ID card of the school, college or institution to which you belong. And, if the flight is being booked to study abroad, then the admission or confirmation letter from that institute and a valid student visa is also required. Further requirements of the airlines may vary from one carrier to another.

Special Baggage Allowances

Besides cheap student flight tickets, airlines also offer extra free baggage allowances. These could be weight based or piece based. This means that either extra baggage allowance will be offer as a weight, say 10 kg extra, or it is offered an extra piece, say 1 bag of 23 kg. Additional free baggage allowance is given in recognition of the fact that students have to carry more baggage.
Do call us for checking further details on student special airfares, baggage allowances and other benefits.