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Cheap South African Airways Flights

South African Airways Flights

South African Airways

South African Airways is the national carrier of South Africa with a comprehensive coverage of flights in and out of the country. The airlines has been continuously improving its channels in order to make the flight better for the travelers. Not just the on-board services, the South African Airways team maintains its excellent services on the ground also.

The airlines have bagged several awards in its working years, and you will be amazed to know that it was also awarded four stars for consecutive 13 years. Not just the services, they even keep the budget of travelers in mind, and that is why they have created several ticket plans.

Places you can visit by booking South African Airways


Bloemfontein, the city of roses, is also South Africa’s judicial capital. You will get to see a rich wildlife, botanical garden, and deep cultural history around the city. Music, art, history, wildlife, or food, whatever you like, there is never going to be a lack of fun in Bloemfontein. South African Airways connect Bloemfontein to most of the locations in the world, so, you can easily book a ticket for your trip.

Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is full of adventure and culinary arts. Cape Town holds a picturesque status with stunning bays and ocean views. You will observe a mild climate and outstanding scenery with great tourist attractions around. South African Airways offers a great air travel facility in and around South Africa, covering some of the most outstanding tourist's destinations.


Dubai is one of the most famous hot-spots of United Arab Emirates. The city is known for fashion bargains, family fun, and beautiful sunshine. Those who have visited Dubai consider it as a heaven for shopping as you will get to see sky-scraping malls filled with every brand outlets that you have ever wanted to visit. South African Airways provide frequent flights to and from Dubai.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as World’s glamorous financial hub with the sky-scraping building, shopping centers, and other hotspots. On your visit to Hong Kong, you can get the views of fantastic beaches, fishing villages, and architectural elegances. South African Airways offers easy air transportation from Hong Kong to other parts of the country.


Perth has been a favorite tourist destination of Australia since ages. Fine restaurants, boutiques, busy streets, and pearly beaches rule the beauty of this Australian city. Sailing, swimming, fishing, or shopping whatever you want to do, Perth can be the place for you.

You can visit all these places free-minded as South African Airways offers top-notch services for its clients on-board and ground. Some of these services are:

Car rentals

Finding a car rental in a city that you hardly know can be troublesome, but South African Airways makes it easy for travelers by offering car rentals services. The company has collaborated with several car rental providers like Avis, Bidvest Car Rental, Budget, Eurocar, and Hertz. BMW or Mercedes Benz, you can choose from a swanky fleet of vehicles to take a journey of opulence.

Hotel insurance

Plan a stress-free trip with South African Airways by protecting your belongings under insurance. They offer Allianz Travel Insurance that protects your belongings against several unforeseen events.


Travelers have a problem in finding appropriate housing when they are out in an unknown city. South African Airways gives you the access to most reputed hotels and motels. The company has collaborated with and to let its customers book their stay. Whether you are looking for a family stay or last minute official accommodation, every sort of arrangement can be made easily.

Book your ticket in advance with South African Airways, and you can avail cheap tickets.