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Cheap Saudi Arabian Airlines Flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines Flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Very few people know the fact that Saudi Arabian Airlines or Saudia was given to King Abdul Aziz by Franklin D. Roosevelt (President of the USA in 1945) as a gift. In 1945, it had just one DC-3 registration, and now it has grown into a worldwide flight service provider. Right now, it is the second biggest airlines in the Middle East, with coverage of several worldly hotspots.

Three classes of travels are offered when you are traveling on Saudia: First, Business, and Guest Class. Travelers have always been sure about their trip with Saudi Arabian airlines because of the first-class services offered by the company. In addition to the comfortable flights, delicious food, and unlimited entertainment, the airlines also provide remarkable ground services.

People recommend it as one of the most convenient and luxurious flights. Some of the competitive facilities provided by the company are listed below:

On-flight sale

Saudi Arabian Airlines has bagged several awards for its fantastic facilities onboard. One of its most admiring services is Sky Sale. Yes, the airlines very much provide an online shopping experience to people on-board, which is also focused on all age groups. You can easily avail up to 30% of discount when you shop on-board. Certain products are exclusive under the sale, and you won’t find them anywhere in the local markets. Due to the ultimate success of this sales service, Saudia decided to start online shopping also, and it is gaining equal attention around the world.

In-Flight entertainment

When you are traveling with Saudia, one thing is for sure that you are never going to get bored. Although there are different arrangements for various classes, the level of fun is equal for all. All the seats are fitted with a personal video screen which has access to 40 channels and movies on demands. You can watch all sorts of programs like international movies, music, and documentaries on your way. Keeping the kid’s choice in mind, the Saudia team has selected a complete family entertainment program.

Baggage facility

With its extra baggage facilities, Saudia has proved that it cares for the people onboard more than any other airlines. You can easily transport your extra baggage internationally by opting for Saudia’s extra baggage facilities. Those who have used this service of Saudi Arabia Airlines, assumes it to be the most affordable and safe one in comparison to other airlines.

Some of the famous tourist destinations covered by Saudia are:

Addis Ababa

If someone wants to witness the diversity of Africa, Addis Ababa is one place that you must visit. The diversity of the place is reflected in every existing thing, whether it is the museum, mosque or churches. Some people even call it a magical portal that connects you to another world. Also, if you want to taste some Ethiopian food, this is the right place. Book your ticket now with Saudia to witness nature’s astonishing creation.


There have always been plenty of things to do in Madrid. You can explore its historical sites, cultural values or just explore the excellent nightlife of the place. Saudia has several flights from Madrid to other locations in the world. Madrid is the art lover’s paradise and if you want to see some real arts, just visit the place once.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a place that will exhaust you, and still, there will be so many things left to do. Some famous attractions around the places are Hollywood, Getty Center, Santa Monica, the Broad, Exposition Park, and Venice Beach. Covered by the Saudi Arabian airlines, it is now easy to travel between Los Angeles and the Middle East.