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Cheap Philippine Airlines Flights

Philippine Airlines Flights

Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines known as PAL is the National Flag Carrier of Philippines. The headquarters of this particular airlines is located in Pasay City, and it is one of the oldest commercial airlines in Asia that is still operating under its original name. The central hub of Philippine Airlines is situated at Clark International Airport in Angeles along with two other destinations including Manila.

Philippine Airlines was founded in 1935, and it had to go through a major downsize in 1997 due to Asian financial crisis. The company had to lay off almost all its employees to survive. As of 2017 Philippine Airline caters to more than 53 destinations with also includes various international locations. The fleet size of this particular airline has more than 54 airplanes its portfolio making it a substantially big fleet.

Flight Services Offered by Philippine Airlines

Book a Flight

The first service provided by Philippine Airlines is the Book a Flight. As the name suggests, the company offers an online travel booking platform that can help customers book their flights easily. To get details of your desired flights all you have to do is mention the travel location and date along with your preferred travel class.

Manage Bookings

Another excellent service provided by Philippine Airlines is online booking management. This section will help those travelers who frequently fly with the airlines and would like to manage all the bookings at a single place. This section is like an online organizer that keeps track of all your future travel commitments.


If you are tired of waiting in long queues during checking-in, then this service can be an excellent alternative. With the help of online check-in and travelers flying through Philippine Airlines can complete the paperwork in advance. This service will also reduce your boarding time making it convenient for you.

Flight Status

One of the most helpful services provided by Philippine Airlines is the flight status checking. Many times we do not get prior information about flights arrival and departure. But with the help of this section, you can now keep track of the same. By only entering the flight number and location you can check whether it has been delayed or is on time.

Other Services Offered by Philippine Airlines

Group Bookings

For those of you who love to travel along with your family or friends the group booking facility provided by Philippine Airlines can be a lifesaver. The airline provides great discounts on group bookings which make it all the more necessary for customers to use this service.

Charter Service

If money is not a constraint for you, then Philippine Airlines also provides a charter service. Although this service can only be afforded by the richest, the company still offers the most competent fares for this particular service. You can select from a number of airplanes models that you need to charter along with your desired dates to schedule a trip.

Corporate Travel

Business travel is a necessity for any entrepreneur. We all understand how expensive it can be if you are a frequent flyer. By registering yourself for the corporate travel services provided by Philippine Airlines you will not only be able to save but will also get additional benefits that a member would usually receive.

Cargo Service

Philippine Airlines is not only a commercial airline, but it is also a cargo service. If you are looking for a cargo facility while you are in Philippine, then you can search the official website for this particular service. You can also get all the rates along with the different services provided under this category.

Over the years Philippine Airline has reestablished as a much better travel option than most other commercial service providers. The company offers a broad range of services to make sure that all its customers are satisfied and receive the best possible quality standards. It also has numerous promotions and deals active at any given point of time which makes it easy for customers to find cheap airline tickets.