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Cheap Lan Airlines Flights

Lan Airlines Flights

About LAN Airlines

LANCHILE Airlines was founded years ago and has experience in cargo and passenger handling that is amazing. The airline’s consistency and firm standing has made it a choice for many people since they know they can depend on it for the best services making their travel experience wonderful and memorable. View more on LAN Airlines,

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When flying with LAN, you will have all the fun you need onboard as there is much to offer. The programming has over 47 films to choose from some of the latest in Latin America. You will also have access to more than 120 television programs and series and a wide library of music CDs to choose from. With the CDs, you can make your own playlist. There are also games to make your flight as short and enjoyable as possible.
Onboard systems are fitted on every seat for all individuals although this may vary from one class to another. Amazing catering services are also available for all passengers and you will have a wide menu to choose from. Use the FlyLink flight search to book your flight aboard LAN Airlines.

LAN Fleet

LAN has a large fleet of aircraft meant for both passengers and cargo. The aircraft make the flying process smoother for the passenger and the company as well. Among the most reputed aircraft include Airbus 340-300, Airbus 320-200, and Boeing 767-300 ER/ERF among other models all of which are long-haul aircrafts carrying large numbers of passengers in one flight.

Route Network

LANCHILE Airlines flies to a variety of world destinations. Among the international destinations are America, Europe as well as Oceania. As for the domestic flights, it flies to Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

Check-In & Baggage

For passengers who do not want to waste time on airport queues, there is a very easy way of checking in. The web check-in is preferred by most since all you have to do in go to and check-in whether you are at the office or at home. You can even choose your seat from here and print your boarding card. However, this service is not available on some routes.
There are baggage limits that need to be followed strictly. Failure to doing this might result in requiring you to leave some of your baggage behind or paying a fee to have it on the flight.


The airline has VIP lounges at the Arturo Benitez Airport in Santiago. The lounges offer the best natural ambience and services for Premium class passengers and members of the different clubs. They are designed to give you all the enjoyment, relaxation you may require and you can even work from here as you wait for you flight. There is entertainment, internet connections and a business center for all your needs.

Flight Class

The airline’s main classes are the Premium Business, Premium Economy and the Economy Class. Each has special designs and services meant to make flights as comfortable and fun as possible.

LAN Loyalty

LANPASS happens to be the program offered by LAN for its frequent customers enabling them to enjoy great benefits by redeeming the kilometers they earn every time they fly with the airline. This is a way of rewarding loyal customers and has lots of benefits.