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Cheap Lacsa Airlines (TACA) Flights

Lacsa Airlines (TACA) Flights

About LACSA (TACA) Airlines

LACSA which stands for Lineas Aereas Costarricenses SA is a Costa Rican airline. The national airline forms the TACA group which is a consolidation of carriers within Central America. Although completely integrated into the group, LACSA has continued to use its original name unlike other airlines. View more on Lacsa Airlines,

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The airline has several classes among them Business and Economy class. Business class has exclusive lounges and check-in counters. The in-flight services are also very different from those found in the economy class. Passengers in this class will most definitely be the first to board without the need to wait in line. Once on board, you will have personalized service and your needs will be taken into consideration. The seats in this class offer nothing less than pure comfort, tranquility and luxury. The headrests are adjustable, the seats recline and are extra wide and you will have enough leg room.
Frequent flyer program members will have a taste of Business class every once in a while as they continue earning miles. Economy class passengers may only check 2 bags at most and will enjoy delicious meals during their flight. Apart from the food, the airline has an open bar where passengers can enjoy their favorite liquor and beverages.
Other in-flight services include the airline’s Explore magazine which features different destinations, art, music, and fashion as well as world news. You will also get to enjoy various television series, movies, sports, music, children shows and documentaries during your flight.
The aircraft have overhead screens on which you can check the programming and content available for the next flight. Individual screens are also available and one is able to choose the kind of entertainment he prefers. You can pause, rewind and even forward whatever you are playing on the screen giving you maximum control of your system. Use the FlyLink flight search to book your flight aboard Lacsa Airlines.


LACSA had a fleet of 51 aircraft by end of 2008 which include 25 A320s Airbus, 9 A319s Airbus, 4 A321s Airbus and 3 E190 Embraer jets. The airline serves 20 American destinations with their scheduled service. It serves the major destinations directly without any partner flights making it preferred by a majority of travelers who really consider time a factor. However, you may be required to make connections when it comes to some destinations.

Destinations Served

It has flights between Miami, New York, Los Angeles and San Jose. It also lands in Guatemala City, Mexico City, Caracas, Lima, Guayaquil, Panama City and San Salvador. The airline has gained popularity because of its quality services and up-to-date technologies for passengers to get all the information they require for their flights. The cabin crew is very friendly and hospitable and you won’t easily forget them.

Lacsa Loyalty

The frequent flyer program is available for all passengers and the rewards are amazing. Everything you spend during your trip will earn you miles which you can later redeem to enjoy the various offers and awards available to you. Members of such clubs reap lots of benefits including cheap or free flights.