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Cheap LOT Polish Airlines Flights

LOT Polish Airlines Flights

All About LOT Polish Airlines

This airline serves corporate and individual customers who have the need to fly in and out of Poland. It meets all passenger needs using innovative and effective ways thus making any flying experience a memorable one. It meets flying needs by offering quality services which give value for the money you spend on your flight making it all worthwhile. It is no wonder that it is the carrier of choice for most Polish people. The operational income has continued to grow with the loyalty of many customers. View more on LOT Polish Airlines,

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LOT Polish Airlines has economy class and business class and has modern lounges at the airports. Just like all airlines, each of the classes comes with different offers and benefits and also different rates. However, whatever class one chooses to use, the services offered is of very high quality. Apart from enjoying great food and beverages and enjoying lots of entertainment, you will enjoy the best relaxation ever.
The cabin crew members are extremely friendly and ready to assist passengers in any way they can. You can get all the flight information you may require from them. While onboard, all messages are conveyed in English and Polish or the language of the city of destination to accommodate every person on board.
The pilots will offer you all necessary information of the atmospheric conditions, the plane’s location and where it is headed and any other important piece of information regarding the flight. The aircraft also have display screens which show important information such as the outside temperature, the altitude and the remaining time before the destination is reached. Use the FlyLink flight search to book your flight aboard LOT Polish Airlines.

Destinations Served

LOT flies to a number of destinations in Asia, Europe, and North America. Among the North American destinations are Canada through the Toronto Pearson Airport, Chicago, Newark and New York. It serves a long list of destinations adding to its popularity and fame.

LOT Fleet

LOT has a large fleet which consists of aircraft such as Embraer 170 and 175, Boeing 737-500 and 737-400 among other aircraft models to suit all kinds of hauls that passengers may make.

Check-In & Baggage

Most passengers can manage to check-in online especially those who posses electronic tickets from different countries of operation. This kind of check-in is active till the last 120 minutes prior to departure time.
Also available is the telephone check-in for international and domestic flights within Poland. This is mostly for passengers who have only carry-on baggage. The telephone check-in closes an hour before the time of departure and you can get your boarding pass the moment you flash your ID as long as it is more than 30 minutes before takeoff.
LOT opens its check-in points 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure to allow enough time for all regular procedures to be followed without having to delay flights. The very last person should check in an hour before the set time. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Frequent Flyers

With your flight, car rentals, hotel accommodation among other things, you will be able to gather miles and afterwards redeem them to enjoy the various flight packages and offers the airline has to give. The awards are very attractive but one has to be a member of the frequent flyer program offering the various awards to loyal customers.