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Korean Air Flights

About Korean Air

Korean Air was founded in 1969 and crowned the national airline of Korea. It remains the country’s flag carrier although it has undergone many developments in terms of products and services. The airline’s main business areas are passenger, aerospace, cargo, hotel, in-flight sales, catering and limousine.
The airline remains steadfast in providing excellence in flight services and other innovations which has greatly added to its popularity and reliability. View more on Korean Air,

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Just like most airlines, Korean Air has varying forms of entertainment on board to keep passengers entertained and busy. There are well-developed entertainment systems on the aircraft where one can enjoy music, movies, games and TV programs.
It also has a sky shop through which passengers can get different products they might need during their flight. The catering services are excellent although the meals and beverages you get will also depend on the class you are flying in. Use the FlyLink flight search to book your flight aboard Korean Air.


Passengers have access to the different lounges offered by the airline. They are located in different airports and have lots to offer to passengers flying the different classes.

Destinations Served

Korean Air together with other big names in the aviation industry makes it to the top ten list of airlines extending their services all over the six continents. The airline has great roots in East Asia, Europe and North America. Its wide fleet has helped it meet the various demands for the different passengers flying with it.

Check-In & Baggage

All passengers need to check-in at the airport counters to have their baggage checked and their seats assigned. This is the same place they get their boarding passes for the different flights. The counters are normally closed 40 minutes prior to departure for all international flights and only 20 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights. It is important for all passengers to be at the airport an hour before their flight is scheduled to depart because security measures are heightened every now and then.

Cabin Types

Korean Air has First, Prestige and Economy classes on most of its aircraft. The classes have different categories of available services and benefits since the rates differ. The kind of services one gets in one class is not what others get in the rest of the classes although it all depends on the spending power of the passengers and their different needs.

The Korean Air Fleet

Korean Air has a fleet that consists of 129 aircraft most of which are Boeing models. With such a large and wide variety of aircraft, the operations between passengers and cargo among other areas have been made easy and smooth. The fleet is what has enabled the airline to reach many destinations across the world.

Loyalty to Korean Air

SKYPASS is the loyalty program offered by the airline. Frequent flyers normally receive a blue card which they use to gather miles and points every single time they fly with the airline. The points have lots of awards and benefits once redeemed. The program has different levels of membership and the higher the level, the more the points one gets to gather during flights.