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Cheap Japan Airlines Flights

Japan Airlines Flights

About Japan Airlines

Established in 1951, Japan Airline was crowned the national airline in 1953 and is the flag carrier of the country. It operates from its hubs at Tokyo International and Narita International Airports. It has other hubs and several subsidiaries working together to efficiently serve its growing clientele.
The airline has undergone great expansions in terms of services and products over the decades. In recent years, it has joined forces with Japan Air System to form the world’s sixth largest airline. This is one airline that is for sure making the strides in the aviation world and is changing the flying experiences of many passengers. View more on Japan Airlines,

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Japan Airlines has well developed in-flight systems supported by the Entertainment Network of Japan. Apart from enjoying all types of movies, music, games and television programs, you will have a clear pilot’s view every time the airplane ascends, descends, docks or stacks via the aircraft cameras. The cameras are located on the tail, wings and belly and all monitors will automatically switch to whatever view is required.
The seats in all classes are designed to give maximum comfort and there are even private cabins for those flying first class and need privacy. There are also magazines offered to passengers as well as delicious meals and beverages. What you get to eat is largely determined by the class you are flying in. To book your cheap flight aboard Japan Airlines, use the FlyLink search panel.

Japan Airlines Lounges

Sakura Lounge is the signature lounge for Japan Airlines. It has other great lounges serving the different classes for both international and domestic passengers. The class one is travelling in and the various memberships he or she holds is what determines the lounge which can be accessed. The lounges have all forms of facilities to make any wait as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Check-In & Baggage

There are various check-in options with Japan Airlines. Passengers can choose to use internet check-in, mobile check-in where you use an SMS to get confirmation or you can simply check-in directly at the airport through the various kiosks and counters.
Baggage limits differ from one class to the other and failure to meet the requirements could mean charges or you might be forced to leave some your baggage behind.

The Japan Fleet

This airline has a large fleet consisting of 168 planes for passengers. The aircraft come mixed from the wide body ones to the narrow ones and normally have three classes. The classes include First, Class J and Economy whereas the domestic planes have four classes namely First, Executive, Premium Economy and Economy Class. The wide fleet has allowed the airline to operate efficiently giving all kinds of passengers the kind of services and products they need during their trips around the world.

Destinations Served

Working together with the rest of the subsidiaries, the airline manages to serve a total of 161 destinations internationally. This includes Europe, America, Asia as well as Oceania. It also serves 59 domestic destinations within the country.

Frequent Flyers

Fly On is Japan Airlines frequent flyer service and comes in different memberships. You will get additional allowances for your baggage, bonus mileage among other benefits when you redeem the points you have accumulated during your flights.