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Icelandair Flights

Icelandair the Airline

From being a company in holding, Icelandair has slowly redefined itself as an independent airline working with subsidiaries whose main focus are in international tourism and the airline sectors. The customer oriented airline provides high quality service and products to its customers and serves a total of 31 gateways. View more on Icelandair,

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While onboard, passengers get access to different and exciting TV programs, videos, music, games and movies. The entertainment systems are well developed to serve all and make their flights enjoyable and short. There are personal entertainment centers, newspapers and magazines, headphones and multi channel stereo systems. There are also in-flight duty free shops where passengers can have any product they would like to have for their trip or even as souvenirs. The meals and beverages offered are quite delicious so that you won’t remember you are on a plane. To book your cheap flight aboard Icelandair, use FlyLink's search panel located at the top, left.

Cabin Accommodations

Icelandair has Economy, Economy Comfort and Saga Classes with each providing different services, allowances and benefits.


Icelandair has a variety of lounges meant to keep passengers well entertained and relaxed as they wait for their flights. Most of the lounges have all the necessary facilities that any passenger could need. Among the facilities you will find included are restaurants, cyber cafes with internet connections, and restrooms.

Check-In & Baggage

Passengers flying with the airline can check-in online especially those who have e-tickets. They need to have printed itinerary confirmations and their boarding passes. It is also possible to check-in at the airport counters and self service kiosks also available at the airport. The kiosks are faster and easy to use instead of queuing in long lines. Before you check in, it is important to first confirm that you indeed have all the necessary documents and that they are in their right state.
There are specific luggage weights that can be allowed onboard and this must be adhered to make the check-in process easier. Any baggage must also be in the allowed weights if they are to be cleared fast and boarded as well.

Destinations Served

Among the destinations the airline flies to include Europe, USA and majorly Canada as well as Scandinavia. With the expansion plans which involve an addition to the airline’s fleet, it hopes to extend its routes in order to reach more world destinations and make it to the international list of best airlines which are most profitable.

The Icelandair Fleet

The airline has a fleet consisting of 17 operational aircraft and has recently made two more orders as a plan to expand the fleet. It concentrates majorly on Boeing models making its fleet reliable and very modern. Although the airline is still growing, it has managed to give excellent service to its customers and has made a reputation for itself even with its small size.

Frequent Flyers

Saga Club is responsible for the loyalty program of the airline. You will earn points every time you fly with the airline and may redeem them after a period of time to enjoy the various benefits attached to the program. The program has different levels of memberships which gather different amounts of points. Among the benefits you will get with the program include cheaper travel rates and class upgrades.