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Eva Air Flights

Eva Air

Eva Air is based Taipei and is a Taiwanese Airlines. The company was established in 1989 and is considered one of the leading commercial airlines in Japan. Eva Air is also the second largest commercial airline when compared to others according to its fleet size. The headquarters of Eva Air is based in Luzhu, and it is also known for offering cargo services in Japan.

The portfolio of the company includes luxury aircraft like Airbus and Boeing which are known for carrying passengers for the long haul. This airline made its name as it was the first to introduce a premium economy class in 1991 which is an updated version of the general economy. The airline is also popular due to its cheap flight tickets which are easily available throughout the year.

Eva Air is considered the 6th most safest commercial airlines in the world, and it has never had any fatal accident since its establishment. Along with this, it is also known for providing numerous services to support various travel plans of its customers.

Services by Eva Air

Online Booking

Like any other commercial airline service provider Eva Air is also known for offering online booking service. The online travel booking platform created by Eva Air has all the relevant information regarding its flights and other services that you can book through the company. Searching for flights is very easy with the help of the portal as you only need to mention the destination along with the travel date.

Extra Member Benefits

One of the most popular services provided by Eva Air is extra member benefits. With the help of this service, you will be able to become a member of the company which will then allow you to utilize exclusive discounts and offers that only members receive. Apart from this each time that you fly with Eva Air, you will earn certain points that you can later utilize for ticket upgradation or any other service provided by the company.

Rent Car and Hotel

If you are new to Japan and are looking to rent a hotel or a car then searching for them through Eva Air website is the best option. This specific section on the online travel booking platform allows you to search for verified service providers that have great reviews and excellent customer satisfaction record. You can also compare different prices provided by all the companies in order to make the best choice.

In-flight Service by Eva Air


One of the best in-flight services provided by Eva Air is onboard entertainment. To provide a comfortable flight to its customers, the company has numerous entertainment methods which include games, magazine, movie and TV shows. Travelers can select from any of the given entertainment options to spend quality time while they are in transit.

Gourmet Food

Another in-flight service that makes Eva a popular commercial airlines with its passengers is gourmet food. Unlike other commercial airlines, the food served within the flight is a premium quality which makes the airline the first preference of many travelers. They also provide you with a selection of dishes to choose.

Medical Assistance

If you are in need of medical assistance while you are flying with Eva Air than the flight crew can take care of that to. All the staff is professionally trained in basic medical procedures in order to response fast in tricky situations.

Apart from cheap flights that the airlines is known for it is also popular due to the different destinations that it covers. In total, the airlines cover 50 different international destinations like Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. So if you are planning an international holiday anytime soon book your tickets through Eva Air.