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Cheap Czech Airlines Flights

Czech Airlines Flights

Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines being the National Flag Carrier of the country is one of the most popular commercial service providers in the Czech Republic. The headquarters of the airlines is located in Vokovice, and it also has alliances with Sky Team. Apart from providing commercial flight services the company also offers charter and cargo facilities to its customers

Czech Airlines was founded on 6th October 1923, and its principal hub is located in Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. The airline mainly focuses on catering to cities like Bratislava, Karlova, and Kosice. As of 2016, the airline was known for carrying more than 2.26 million passengers all around the globe from.

Czech Airline in total covers more than 43 different destinations and has a fleet size of 30 aircraft. If you have been planning to visit the country anytime soon then here are all the service and business tie-up details regarding the airline.

Best services by Czech Airlines

Online bookings

One of the main services provided by is Czech Airlines is the online travel booking facility. With the help of this service, customers can book flights, hotels, holiday packages and car rentals all in one website. Along with his the website also provides you with details of current discount and deals available for all the destinations.

Frequent Flyer

Most airlines always have a frequent flyer program, and Czech Airline is no exception. There are two types of frequent flyer programs offered by the company which are OK Plus and OK Plus Corporate. These programs allow you to become a member of the airlines and utilize the different benefits and discounts offered by the company.

Visas service

If you are planning to visit Russia and are looking for a Visa, then Czech Airlines can be of great help. There is a particular section of the website that allows you to apply for Visa through the booking portal itself. You can also see all the different rates and fees that you would end up by paying for this service.

Additional Services

Apart from all the services listed above Czech Airline also has other facilities to offer. These services include travel insurance, group booking, Sky Shop and check-in registration. Customers can easily get all the information regarding the services through the website and book them directly.

Business tie-ups of Czech Airlines

Travel Agencies

Czech Airlines has ties with many trading partners which also include numerous travel agencies. With the help of these travel agencies, the Airline can offer its services for every corner of the world. Along with this customers can also book the flights through various other travel booking platforms that are owned by these agencies.


The airline also has business tie-ups with businesses that provide in-flight services. These companies are known for providing different services like media, entertainment, and gourmet food while you are traveling. By being partners with these service providers, the airline is able to offer high standards of in-flight facilities to its passengers.


To be able to cater to passengers from all around the world Czech Airlines has ties with numerous other commercial airline service providers. For example, the company is a partner with Korean Air so that they can fly travelers from that part of the world. Similarly, there are many other airlines that are partners with the company.

For those of you who are trying to find a cheap alternative to flying Czech Airlines can be an excellent choice to consider. This airline caters to almost every country in the world which also makes it one of the most well-connected service providers. Apart from this, you can also easily find all the information regarding the services on the company's official website along with the booking process.