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Cheap China Eastern Flights

China Eastern Flights

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines is the second largest passenger carrier in China. The headquarters of the airline is based in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, and it is known for catering international, domestic and regional routes. Apart from this the secondary hubs of the airline are based at Beijing Capital International Airport and Kunming Changshui International Airport.

The airline was established in 1988 and is one of the fastest growing in the entire country. Along with this what makes the airline so popular amongst travelers is that it covers more than 217 destinations both international and domestic. The fleet size of China Eastern Airlines is also one of the biggest in the commercial airline industry. There are more than 458 aircrafts included in its portfolio along with luxury planes like Boeing and Airbus.

Top services by China Eastern Airlines

Manage Booking

One of the main services provided by China Eastern Airlines is online booking management. With the help of this service travelers can log in to a specific section of the website which works as an online organiser. This service updates you off all your upcoming trips along with the date and time so that you are always on schedule.

Flight Status

Another great service provided by China Eastern Airline is the online flight status checker. This service allows you to search for the flights that are about to departure soon or are in transit with the help of online flight status checking. You can keep track of your schedule flight whether it has been delayed or is on time.


We all understand how difficult it is to wait in long queues for flight check-in and for this reason China Eastern Airline has come up with an online registration section, which helps you complete all the paperwork ahead of time. This way when you reach airport you can straight away board the flight without having to go through the entire checking in process.

Flight Booking

The primary service provided by China Eastern Airline is online flight booking. The company being a major commercial airline service provider has a travel booking platform that allows you to search and confirm flights for different destinations. You can simply enter your details on the portal and search for the most relevant flight as per your requirement.

Additional services by China Eastern Airlines

Hotel Booking

If you are visiting a place for the first time, then the online hotel booking service provided by China Eastern Airline can also be of great help. This section will list all the hotels available for a particular destination along with the reviews provided by other customers. You can also search for the tariffs of different rooms available in a hotel.

Tour Packages

If you are planning a tour and are looking for the best options to consider for a destination, then this to can be taken care of by China Eastern Airline. By visiting the online tour package section, you can get details of all the different holiday packages that the company offers along with the different attractions that they cover. You can also find out the per person price of these tour package.

Due to China Eastern Airline being one of the biggest commercial service providers in the world it gets really easy for travelers to find cheap airline tickets. Along with this, the airline is also known for providing high-quality service both in-flight as well as through its online customer support section. If you are looking to find out more about China Eastern Airline then visiting their website is highly recommended. You can also book all the services provided by the company through their online booking portal for convenience.