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Cheap Air New Zealand Flights

Air New Zealand Flights

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is the national airline of the country which is based in Auckland. The airline is known for catering to more than 52 different destinations which include both domestic as well as international locations. The airline also has regular flights to more than 19 countries around the Pacific Rim and the United Kingdom which makes it the first preference of travelers visiting Europe.

The company was founded 76 years ago in 1940 and ever since has grown to immense heights. It also has the biggest portfolio of aircrafts in the country with a recorded figure of 56 planes as of 2015. Most of the planes in the portfolio of the company include luxury aircrafts like Boeing and Airbus that are known for their wide structure. These plans are also known for flying long hauls making them the perfect choice for world tours and long flights.

Locations Covered by New Zealand


There are many destinations which are covered by Air New Zealand, and one of the top locations is Asia. The company provides daily flights to different countries within Asia all around the year. Apart from this travelers can also easily find cheap airline tickets for Asia through Air New Zealand website.


Another famous location that is catered to by Air New Zealand is Europe. Europe being a major tourist hub receives regular services from the company and that to for a nominal price. You can also find multiple departure options by opting for a New Zealand flights to different destinations in Europe.

Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands being one of the most famous travel destinations in the world can be reached to by opting for Air New Zealand. You can also find multiple flights in a day provided by the company for this particular destination which makes it really easy to select the travel time as per your wish.

Best Services by New Zealand

Group Travel

One of the most popular services provided by Air New Zealand is the group travel facility. With the help of this service, travelers are able to book multiple tickets utilizing a special discount or offer provided by the company. This facility is highly beneficial for those travelers who love to go on holidays along with their family or friends.

Online Booking

Another great service provided by Air New Zealand is the online booking facility. The company has a dedicated online travel booking portal which can assist travelers with confirming their flights, hotels, and even car rentals for a holiday. Apart from this, you can also search for different tour packages available on the website that will also help you save money.

Additional service

Apart from all the general services provided by the company, there are additional services to that can be hired. These services include facilities life travel insurance, corporate travel, check-in registration, and air ambulance. All the details regarding the facilities are listed on the company website which makes it very easy for travelers to book the required facility. Apart from this, you can also check the fares and fees of each of these services online.

The things that makes Air New Zealand one of the most popular airlines in the world is its fatality record. The airline has had no fatal accidents since beginning making it one of the safest long distance commercial airlines on earth. Apart from this it also is the perfect option to consider when you are searching for budget airline tickets for New Zealand or its surrounding destinations. You can also contact the customer support of the company to know more about its services and fares.