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Cheap Flights to Syracuse

The birthplace of Archimedes, Syracuse is a city of great historic importance in Italy. In ancient times, Syracuse used to be the biggest city of the Roman empire, bigger than Rome itself. Regarded by many as the most beautiful ancient Greek city in the world, Syracuse delights its tourists with ancient culture and architecture difficult to find elsewhere. The city is so ancient that mentions of it can also be found in the Bible. Syracuse is also a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site filled with archeological wonders.

Syracuse doesn’t have an airport of itself. The nearest airport is Catania, and one can take a bus from there to the city. Many online portals can help you identify the cheapest flights to reach Catania.

Getting Around

The city of Syracuse, in today’s times, is smaller than it used to be and most of the historical landmarks and monuments are concentrated in two areas, the Neapolis Archeological Zone and Ortigia Island. These sites are 25 minutes apart, and the compactness of the city and the epicness of the landmarks makes this Syracuse best enjoyed on foot. That said, the city’s bus service can conveniently transport you between the two areas.

Tourist Attractions

Syracuse is known for its iconic Greek history and is peppered with many historic monuments and archeological sites you can spend days exploring.

Neapolis Archeological Zone

Syracuse’s Archeological Zone houses sights that will surely leave you in awe.

The Greek Theatre here is pure grandness. Make sure that you catch one of the Greek plays that are performed here.

The famous quarry of Syracuse, Latomia del Paradiso, is also located here and is a sight to behold.

A little way outside the site stands the Roman Amphitheatre. Though it is not in use, it is a great place to go to and enjoy some quiet and soak in the atmosphere.

Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi houses exhibits that show how the area has progressed from prehistoric times to where it is today.

The Catacombs Of San Giovanni are a cemetery which was created underground for the Christians living in the area. The creepy atmosphere of exploring these tombs is a must-experience.

The Basilica di Santa Lucia is an important church in the area. The location of the basilica is beautiful, and you can find extensive catacombs here too.

A more recent landmark compared to the others in the area, Santuario della Madonna della Lacrime is worth visiting to admire its unique shape and architecture. The building is supposed to look like a teardrop.

Castello Eurialo

Castello Eurialo is located a bit further away, on the outskirts of the city. An ancient Greek castle, the Castello Eurialo is magnificent and picturesque, even though it is in ruins now.

Ortigia Island

Ortigia Island is a beautiful maze of narrow roads which you must explore on foot. Roaming around surrounded by ancient architecture is an experience that will surely invoke awe. The island is connected to the mainland by three bridges.

The Temple Of Apollo is a majestic sight you see soon after to reach the island.

The center of the island, Piazza Archimede, houses an iconic fountain too.

Piazza Duomo is an elliptical area housing grand structures on either side when you want to relax and explore the local food.

Ipogei di Piazza Duomo is a maze of underground tunnels which were used during World War II, but their origins lie further back in the past.

A short walk away is Castello Maniace, a beautiful castle on the tip of the island.

The Duomo is one of the most iconic places in Syracuse. It houses records from across ages of the city and features many important landmarks inside.

The Galleria Regionale di Palazzo Bellomo is attractive from the inside as well as on the outside and houses pieces of art from many centuries of human existence.

Syracuse is a place teeming with history, waiting to be explored. Make sure you book your flight tickets well in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out on the lowest airline fares.

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