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Qatar Airways Flights

About Qatar Airways

The one thing that makes Qatar Airways special is that it flies a modern and very young fleet of aircraft. The airline is still ordering more modern aircraft to improve on its services. It is an award-winning airline which has seen great expansion over a short period of time. It has in its possession a number of accolades and awards proving that it is a quality service provider preferred by many. Only six airlines have 5 star ratings worldwide and Qatar makes the cut to be on the list.
Qatar Airways is committed to providing the best service quality both on ground and in air and has great expansion prospects for its services to make it among the very best airlines worldwide. View more on Qatar Airways,

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While flying with Qatar Airways, you will have a memorable time with all the in-flight entertainment it has to offer. It has digital satellite to meet all TV needs for each and every passenger. The seats in the aircrafts are comfortable and will allow you to enjoy all the programming options that are available during your flight. Apart from the movies, you can watch live TV channels which suit both the Arabic and European audience.
The cabin crew is competitive and will offer you high quality services and assist you in any way possible. The catering services are also something to behold during your flight as you get to enjoy the different foods and beverages. Use the FlyLink flight search to book your flight aboard Qatar Airways.

Check-In & Baggage

Qatar Airways, just like most airlines has baggage requirements that should be adhered to. It is always important to check this portion to make sure that when you leave for the airport your bags fall within the correct weights. You can book your flight online and check-in through the various points situated at different airports with ease. Once you reach the airport, you need to have all your documents and tickets ready and at hand then report to the check-in counter. After the security checks are complete, you can then go to the lounges to wait for the next stage which is boarding. Passengers should be at the airport and check-in at least 3 hours prior to their departure. However, this varies from one airport to the other making it important to double check. If you need any information, have questions and concerns, you are free to contact Qatar Airways offices closest to you.

Destinations Served

Qatar Airways flies to 89 destinations scattered all over the world. It serves 55 different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, South and North America as well as Oceania. Most of the flights take air from its Doha hub and it works in conjunction with other airlines to make operations more efficient. The airline has several terminated routes all over the continents although it has also been opening new routes to add to its list of destinations.


The airline has a fleet of more than 50 aircraft and hopes to expand this within the next couple of years. It has made various orders to see to the expected expansion and will soon add Boeing and Airbus aircraft to its fleet to make travel more comfortable and easy for passengers. At the moment, it has a long haul airbus fleet which has great services and cabins to suit the different needs of passengers. The most recent addition to its fleet are Boeing 777s which offer economy and business class passengers a variety of in-flight entertainment options varying from video to audio.

Frequent Flyers

Frequent flyer programs are available and will give you great benefits. Join the Privilege Club to enjoy the benefits that are earned every time you fly with Qatar Airways.