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Cheap Flights to Zurich

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Cheap flights to Zurich

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Cheap Flights to Zurich

Cheap Flights to Zurich

Cheap Flight Tickets to Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also one of its oldest. The city is home to a large number of banks and financial institutions and in recent years, has made a reputation for being a major party and gastronomy hub in Europe. Zurich is also the city with the highest standard of living worldwide. Also known as the ‘portal to the Alps,' the city combines its modern-ness well with class through its many museums, art galleries, and theaters.

With one of the busiest airports in Europe, reaching Zurich by air is very convenient. There are quite a few online portals which can help you identify the cheapest fares for your flight tickets to Zurich.

Tourist attractions in ZurichGrossmünster

An old church similar to the ones found in ancient Rome, Grossmünster boasts a great view of the city once you climb to the church’s tower.


Landesmuseum is the biggest museum of Swiss history. A must-visit to get to know everything about Switzerland through the ages.

Lake Promenade

A three kilometer stretch along Lake Zurich with a beautiful meadow in the middle, walking on the boardwalk here is the best way to spend an evening in Zurich.


Old Zurich in all of its glory, the Niederdorf offers beautiful alleyways, restaurants, and places to shop till your drop.

Beyer Watch Museum

Switzerland is known across the world for its watches. This museum, located downstairs from the Beyer watch store, is a must-visit to marvel at the history of watchmaking.


One of the best things to do in Zurich, going up Üetliberg, the hill overlooking Zurich, offers an awesome 360-degree view of the city from a tall viewing tower. This is also where the planetenweg, a tour along the ridge with accurately scaled down models of planets along the way, commences.

Free Walk Tour Zurich

Commencing at 11:00 every day in the Downtown area of Zurich, the free walk tour is the best way to explore Switzerland like the locals. You can try out various types of Swiss food and are also taken to places with restricted access.

Rhine Falls

A 45-minute trip from Zurich, the largest waterfall in Europe is a sight to behold. And if you take the rain to reach it, you’ll pass many more beautiful sights along the way.


Arguably the world’s best destination for the sport, skiing in the Swiss Alps is a must-have experience. Take the train to Flumserberg, the most popular ski resort in Zurich; it has a variety of tracks for beginners and experts.

Trip on the Zürichsee

Take a trip on Lake Zurich in one of the two old steam boats. The old-world charm of the experience and the sights it affords are excellent.


Bahnhofstrasse is one of the best known and most refined shopping streets in the entire world. A must-visit for shoppers of all kinds.

Going around in ZurichPublic Transport

Highly efficient, clean and safe, Zurich’s public transport is one of the best in the world. Boasting an extensive network of buses, trams, rail, cable cars and boats, going around Zurich is quite easy.

On Foot

Most of the tourist locations in Zurich are a walking distance from each other and the main train station. Also, exploring a city on foot is an experience in itself.

By Skates

Exploring Zurich by skates is not only an ‘offbeat’ way to explore the city but also quite common there.

By Bike

Zurich makes it very easy for travelers who want to explore the place on a bike. Available for free at the main train station (with a small deposit taken), the bikes can be returned to a lot of places throughout the city.

Zurich is a city which offers a lot to the people who travel there. Don’t forget to book your tickets to the city well in advance, though, so that you don’t miss out lowest fares for your airline tickets.

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