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Cheap Flights to Vancouver

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Cheap flights to Vancouver

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Cheap Flights to Vancouver

Cheap Flights to Vancouver

Cheap Flight Tickets to Vancouver

Vancouver, one of the most iconic cities in North America, is located on the west coast of Canada. The city is very tourist friendly as tourism is one of the most important industries here. Vancouver is also one of the most diverse cities in the world. More than half the residents of the city have a first language other than English. One of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life, Vancouver is naturally scenic. The city is located between the North Shore mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is a place where you can go both, skiing and sailing. Vancouver is also a very important city for the entertainment industry. Known as ‘Hollywood North,' Vancouver is home to many film and TV production houses and studios.

The Vancouver International Airport is the second busiest in Canada and makes reaching the city by air very convenient. There are many online portals which can help you identify the cheapest flights to reach Vancouver.

When to visit

Vancouver has the mildest climate in Canada. Compared to the extreme cold the rest of the country experiences, the temperatures in Vancouver hardly ever go below freezing. It does, however, receive a lot of rain in winter. Summers are usually dry with the best weather being experienced between July and October. If you are planning a winter vacation to Vancouver and want to enjoy the skiing resorts the city offers, you should plan your trip for February.

Getting Around

Vancouver has an extensive public transport system comprising of buses, trains (SkyTrain) and ferries (SeaBus). Each mode of transport is worth experiencing just for the different sights it provides. SkyTrain, arguably, is the best way to navigate the city as this elevated train system offers great views of the city from a height. The city is also easy to navigate and explore on foot and a bicycle.

Tourist AttractionsGranville Island

Granville Island is the place to go to in Vancouver to explore local food, art, and other products. Located on the water’s edge, a walk through this neighborhood will surely give you great insight into the local culture.


A walk past downtown towards Gastown will feel like you are moving towards a different era of history. Gastown was the first neighborhood established in the city, and the history of the area overflows with the various historical landmarks and the general old-world charm of Gastown.

Stanley Park

The most iconic name associated with the city, Stanley Park is a place worth spending an entire day at. The sights it offers are exemplary. Rent a bike before getting in to explore the beauty of the part to its fullest. Also, do visit the Vancouver Aquarium in the park which houses a wide variety of marine life to admire.

Canada Place

Offering great views of the waterfront on one side and distinct architecture on the other, Canada Place is an area worth exploring. Take the SkyTrain to Canada Place and enjoy the stunning views the route offers.

Robson Street

The official shopping street of the city, Robson Street offers options for anything that you might want to shop, regardless of your brand preferences and budget constraints.


The second largest Chinatown in North America, Vancouver’s Chinatown is worth visiting to explore Chinese culture, cuisine, and heritage.


Offering magnificent sights from mountains to the ocean, Vancouver’s seawall covers 22 kilometers and is worth explore on either foot or bicycle.

The Aquabus

After your visit to Granville Island, you should definitely get on the Aquabus and take the ride through the creek. The journey offers great views of the Vancouver skyline and is a photographer’s delight.

Vancouver Lookout

One of the highest points in the city, the Vancouver Lookout, located in the middle of downtown, offers a 360-degree stunning view of the city.

Vancouver’s sights, culture, and food are worth every tourist’s time. Make sure that you book your tickets to Vancouver well advance to avail the lowest airline fares available.

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