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Cheap Flights to Montreal

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Cheap flights to Montreal

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Cheap Flights to Montreal

Cheap Flights to Montreal

Cheap Flight Tickets to Montreal

Montreal has grown to the urbane hub of trade and communication in recent years. In 1535, the entire territory of Montreal was taken over by King Francois 1 of France. However, the name Montreal was awarded in 1642 when Sieur de Maisonneuve found a mission station and named it Mont-Real.

The climate of the city swings between humid heats in summer to heavy snowfalls in winter and the bilingual nature of the state adds dynamism to the city. It’s no wonder if you get struck by the unbridled creativity of this town.

Super cheap flights are available to visit the wondrous city of Moscow, and if want to have a mesmerizing experience while you are in the city, these are the place that you must hit on.

Mont Royal

Mont Royal stands 233 meters above the central city, and it’s full of enchanting greenery. A walk through this park will give you the view of monuments from the time of Jacques Cartier and King George VI.

On a bright day, you can also see the breathtaking views of Adirondack Mountain range in the USA. You can sit among the greens for hours enjoying the magnificent Panorama of the place that also introduces you to the history of the city.

Parc Jean Drapeau

The remnant of 1967 world fair, this biosphere has become a center for addressing biological issues. When you visit Parc Jean Drapeau, you will get to see the largest spherical building in the world. While the common visitors of this place are local families, it does attract a huge crowd of tourists every year. The other main attractions around the place are La Ronde Amusement Park where you can enjoy lots of rides and games.

Palaces Jacques-Cartier Palaces Jacques-Cartier is a popular tourist location which is lively in summers. The tourist spot is surrounded by pretty gardens, historic buildings, restaurants, and public services. Whether you want to witness the historical richness of the place or enjoy the restaurants, this place has a lot in store. At the uphill end of the site, there is the Nelson’s Column and impressive Montreal City Hall.

Rue Sherbrooke

The name of this thoroughfare was given after Sir John Sherbrooke who ruled as the Governor General of Canada in between 1816 to 1818. Rue Sherbrooke is considered as the backbone of the city, storing several historical institutions and museums for the tourists. The Musee des Beaux Arts is also the oldest museums of Rue Sherbrooke, displaying a vast collection of sculptures and paintings.


Lachine is the southeast bank of Montreal Island, and it was named after the first Pioneer of the place who made their way up to ST. Lawrence. It is said that he was trying to find a route to China. You can simply walk around the place, marvel the architecture, and enjoy the world class cuisine.

Offbeat tourist destinations around the city: China Town

Montreal Chinatown is located on Rue de la Gauchetière. Chinese arches mark the heart of the quarter, and it dates back to 1860s. The place was built when many Chinese laborers came to the city in search of the good life. However, today’s Chinatown is not exclusively Chinese, but you can relax and enjoy a meal in the authentic Chinese way.

Notre-Dame Basilica

Built in 1656, Notre-Dame Basilica is the oldest church in Montreal. Its twin towers face the Place d’Armes. You can hear the sound shows narrating the fascinating history of Montreal. The church is decorated with beautiful lighting, and the locals gather here for the evening prayers every day.

St. Joseph Oratory

St. Joseph Oratory is located at the western exit of Mount Royal Park. The place is devoted to Canada’s Patron saint and is called the Mecca for pilgrims. The Renaissance-style domed basilica dates back to 1924 and gives a good northwest view over Montreal.

Montreal is a place of delights and will provide you with memories that you can hold with you for years. So, pack your bag and get going on an exciting journey. We recommend booking in advance if you want to grab cheap air tickets.

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