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Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

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Cheap flights to Los Angeles

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Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Cheap Flight Tickets to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the land of bikini bods, plastic surgery, star sightings, and year-round sun. Whether you're coming to Los Angeles in hopes of seeing a star or to spend your afternoons leisurely strolling along palm tree-lined beaches, follow these tips for finding cheap flights to Los Angeles so you can enjoy this sunny, star-studded metropolis without breaking the bank.

When to Go"The weather is mild and pleasant year-round in Los Angeles, so there's never a bad time to go. However, to save money, avoid peak periods, such as when awards ceremonies are being held. June through August tends to be the busiest time of year for tourism in Los Angeles, so don't plan a visit during this period, either.

Regardless of how busy it is, however, it's a good idea to plan your visit based on the things you want to do while you're in the city. If your goal is to get a few star sightings under your belt, the best time to visit Los Angeles is when an awards ceremony is taking place. If you want to spend most of your vacation on the beach, plan your visit for the late summer, when sea temperatures rise slightly and it's more pleasant to go swimming."

When to BookAs a general rule of thumb, book as far in advance as possible. You'll find more cheap flights to Los Angeles if you start looking months in advance. It's possible to find cheap flights to Los Angeles at the last minute, when airlines need to fill vacancies fast, but in general, airlines tend to award those who book early. Checklist"Much of the year is sunny and warm in Los Angeles. With an average of only 35 rainy days a year, and warm winters, there is no need to pack heavy clothes or prepare for extreme weather. It is occasionally chilly so a warm sweater or a windbreaker is a good idea, espeically near the water. Read up about the major attractions of Los Angeles before you go so you know what you plan to see. There are too many landmarks to list here and too many to take in on a short trip! So plan ahead and you can make sure you don't miss something you wanted to see. Remember that you will need to exchange currency if departing from Canada."

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