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Cheap Flights to Detroit

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Cheap flights to Detroit

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Cheap Flights to Detroit

Cheap Flights to Detroit

Cheap Flight Tickets to Detroit

Trying to find new travel destinations for your next vacation can be a tricky thing. If you too are planning a vacation soon, then you might want to visit Detroit. The city is a major seaport located near the Detroit River in the American state of Michigan. It is the fourth largest town in the Midwest and was considered an important industrial hub during the 19th century.

Apart from this, Detroit is also the largest city on the United States-Canada border, which makes it the perfect place if you are looking to visit Canada as well. The city is also known for its beautiful beaches that make it a perfect summer travel location. The simplest way to find cheap flight tickets for Detroit is by searching for them on online travel booking portals. This would not only help you get the best possible price on flight tickets but will also give you information on all the major attractions that the city offers.

Museums in DetroitDetroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is located in the Midtown area of the city. This Museum is known for showcasing one of the largest and the most significant art collection in the United States. The collection of artwork mainly includes paintings from local as well as International artists.

Detroit Historical Museum

One of the main museums that display all the historical facts about the city is the Detroit Historical Museum. The highlights of this museum are its interactive and revolving exhibits that cover different eras of the city's history. It also displays recreated streets from the olden days.

Michigan Science Center

If your family is accompanying you on this trip then taking them to the Michigan Science Centre can be an interesting way to spend your day. This museum is dedicated to science and technology development exhibits designed especially for kids. There are daily interactive exhibitions organized by the museum.

Historical Attractions in DetroitHitsville USA

This famous mansion has now been turned into a museum. The Hitsville USA is considered a historical landmark that showcases a collection of labels and memorabilia. It is also popular for showcasing “Studio A” and “The Supremes” costumes.

Fox Theater

Another great historical attraction in Detroit is the Fox Theatre. This is a performing art space that is known for its Asian-inspired decor. It is one of the oldest live performance theaters in the country which is why it is now included amongst historical landmarks of the USA.

Guardian Building

One of the most visited landmarks of the city is the Guardian Building. This historical building is an ancient skyscraper that is located in Downtown Detroit. It was once to used as a government office building for the city of Detroit.

Entertainment Attractions in DetroitBelle Isle Park

The best entertainment attraction in Detroit is the Belle Isle Park. This park is spread over 982 acres of land and is situated on an island located in the Detroit River. There are numerous zoos, casinos, aquariums, and even a beach in this popular entertainment attraction.

Renaissance Center

If you're looking for a shopping complex while you are in Detroit, then the Renaissance Centre is the perfect place to visit. It is the GM headquarters which is located on the bank of Detroit River. It is a 73 story building that has multiple shopping complexes on most of its floors.

Greektown Casino Hotel

One thing the Detroit is famous for is its casinos. One of the best casinos in the city is the Greektown Casino Hotel. It is a contemporary hotel with a sprawling casino and a high-end restaurant. The hotel also has two bars making it the perfect place to hangout.

Booking your flight tickets to Detroit in advance can help you score the best possible deals. There are many airlines that offer seasonal and festive discounts on these super cheap flight tickets, which can make it all the more easy for you to save on your trip. These portals can also help you plan your trip and book accommodations for Detroit.

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