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Cheap Flights to Agri

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Cheap flights to Agri

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Cheap Flights to Agri

Cheap Flights to Agri

Cheap Flight Tickets to Agri

Agri is a small town which is located in the eastern province of Turkey. The city is situated on the western border of Iran and is surrounded by Kars, Erzurum and Van on all its sides. Agri got its name from the nearby Mount Ararat, which is the highest mountain in Turkey. Much of the city's landscape is mountainous which makes it a perfect place for hiking and climbing.

Agri has had an historical past where it was first controlled by the Kingdom of Urartu, which was later shifted to the kingdom of Armenia. The city has also played a major role in the economic development of the country. It was used as an important gateway between the east and the west for commercial trade activities.

Here are all the major tourist attractions that one can find in the city of Agri.

Sightseeing Attractions in AgriIshak Pasha Palace

Agri being a small town does not have many tourist attractions. But the one that it does have are some of the best sightseeing attractions in the world. The most visited of them all is the Ishak Pasha Palace. This is the most beautifully preserved historical palace that the province of Agri has to offer.

Mount Ararat

Another great sightseeing attractions in the city of Agri is the Mount Ararat. This is the highest mountain peak in Turkey which is also known for offering breathtaking views of its surrounding. The city of Agri is considered a stopover for those who are planning to climb the Mount ararat.

Noah's Ark Site

Amongst the most popular attractions of the world is the Noah's Ark Site. This location became popular after archaeological veterans found the Noah's Ark stuck at the bottom of the hills. The ruins of Noah's Ark are considered to be the exact ship that is mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Ice Cave

Agri also has a very popular entertainment and tour attraction known as the Ice Cave. This cave is located at the bottom of Mount Ararat and is known for offering guided tours. During the right season, there are daily guided tours organized for this cave, where visitors can enjoy seeing the insides of this beautiful natural landscape.

Restaurants in Agri Ergul un Mutfagi

If one is looking to try out some Turkish delights while they are in Agri then visiting the Ergul Un Mutfagi is a very good idea. This restaurant is located in the central part of the town and is known for serving the best Turkish cuisine in Agri. The restaurant serves only vegetarian cuisine in a budget style cafe.

Haspark Cafe and Restaurant

Apart from Turkish restaurants Agri also has numerous other cafes that serve International cuisine. If you are looking to snack a bit in between all the sightseeing than the best place to visit is the Haspark Cafe and Restaurant. This cafe is popular for serving Italian cuisine along with other fast food dishes.

Sultan Sofrasi

On the other hand if you are fond of middle Eastern cuisine then the best place to try it in Agri is the Sultan Sofrasi. This restaurant serves the best grilled meats in the entire town along with numerous other Turkish dishes including sweets.

Agri is also the best budget travel location in Turkey which is why it is fairly easy to get cheap airline tickets for this destination. One can search for such flight options on multiple online booking portals which are known for offering exclusive deals and discounts. To make the most of these offers book your tickets to Agri today.

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